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Multi-Axis Systems & Precision Industrial Mechanisms

TPA is the complete, one-stop supplier to OEM's and to wholesalers sourcing high-precision, Systems or Sub Assemblies of linear motion bearing related products, and associated Professional Services including world-class Engineering and design.   Our Linear Motion Products and design solutions will enhance your product performance; make your company more competitive, and make your job easier.   Discover which of our extensive products or services is just right for your application.   Experience firsthand how TPA provides ”Value Beyond the Part.

Below are a few Examples of Custom Linear Positioning Systems

belt drive actuators xyz piezo motor stages xy table xy open stage
Customer needed to move a payload in a particular fashion along a specific path. Off the shelf xyz systems could not fulfill the requirements.   A new combination belt and ball screw driven system product was born.   Fast speed and long travel were required in both the x and y axis. Z-axis need to be closely control over a short travel range. Here a customer needed a special very high precision xyz stage for use in a life science application.   Not only was compactness important from a real estate standpoint but smooth precise movement in all directions were most important. Click here to learn how this was done. In this application a customer required a very structually sound design for product durability testing.  In this application we had to build an xy table on a large steel base. Click here for more information about similar ball screw driven systems. Custom designed open stage for microscope application required very compact (low) height and low frictional movement. Crossed roller bearings allow this smooth almost frictionless movement; Click here to learn how this was done.

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The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!