For OEM applications we collaborate on Design and build Prototypes in-house.

Challenging Projects with annual production volume ranging from 100 to 2500 pieces is our speciality.

Information on this website demonstates some of our custom capabilities.

We are also a Manufacturer & Distributor of Linear Motion Component Products.

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The Precision Alliance (TPA)

Here's what we do?

    Design Precision Systems

Many OEM applications need a custom design to separate them from their competitor.   Do you have a sketch or existing CAD model?  Great!  This is an excellent starting point.  With a little application data we can analyze your application and design a solution for you.  If a custom design is required, we can bring it to life with our SolidWorks 3D design software.  Click to learn more about how we do this.

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    Manufacture Systems

With our in house CNC machining and grinding capability we can quickly make prototypes for test and evaluation.

Once the design changes have settled and production release time approaches we can begin some lot production here at our Ft. Mill USA location.

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    and Distribute

Components that we use to build are systems such as ball screws, linear guides, couplings, and fasteners are also made available for distribution.

By procuring these components in bulk we are able to build systems and subassemblies at a much lower cost point than are competitors.

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High Accuracy

As we strive to eliminate waste, more efficient and accurate systems are required. With our in house laser interferometer we can certify the accuracy of our assemblies before they ship to you. Can your supplier do this?

- Nano Scale Measurement Equipment
- Semiconductor Fabrication
- Medical Imaging Plate Spotting Systems

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Space Constrained

Evolving technology requires more functionality to be packed into smaller places.  Our engineers are able to create very effective solutions when up against these constraints.

- Microscopic Imaging Systems
- Lab Automation Systems
- Medical Diagnostic Systems

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High Temperature

Applications in high heat environments usually require special materials and surface treatments.

- Epoxy Curing Ovens
- Ceramic Processing Ovens
- Steel Making Systems

700 degrees F

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Curved Rail Systems

For transporting light payloads we have developed our own curved rail products. One or more moving blocks are guided by rails made to fit your motion profile needs.

Our in house manufacturing allows us to make the block and rail geometry fit your application.

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Life Science

Are you satisfied with your current production throughput or processing capability?

- Point of Care Testing Equipment
- Total Lab Automation
- Robotic Transport System
- Automated Sorting

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Washdown Environment

Do you need to be Food Grade Compliant?  Do you find your systems failing due to corrosion?

These are some of the issues we have already address with many of our customers.

- FDA Compliance

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Military Requirements

Some projects require special handling, extensive documentation and strict control. We have a quality system in place to address all these requirements.

DFARS, ITAR, and other related compliance requirements are reviewed prior to moving forward on sensitive military projects.

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TPA Capabilities

Our Products Include:

  • Customer OEM XYZ Systems
  • Telescopic Guides
  • Miniature Ball Screws
  • Heavy Duty Drawer Slides
  • MiniBot Actuators
  • Custom Crossed Roller Tables
  • Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Precision Slides
  • Miniature Linear Guides (Ball recirculating type)
  • Miniature Shaft Couplings

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